What We Offer....

          Paid Advertising

              Social Media Page Management


To provide the highest possible results for all our clients, we solely focus on these two services within Facebook and Instagram. 

If you want a highly profitable and simple agency who focuses on how much money was spent, made and net profit then we are the agency for you!!!

Paid Advertising:

  • Custom monthly ad campaigns (Cold, Retargeting, Testing)

  • Custom demographic targeting

  • Monthly audits for correct and updated campaigns

  • Custom ad copy

  • Increased brand exposure

  • Website/Social media lead optimization

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Weekly & monthly analytics reporting

  • Increased engagement & followers

Paid Management:

  • Weekly scheduled content posts

  • Profile optimization

  • Organic follower building

  • Reputation Management

  • Custom copy on all content

  • Organic brand exposure & awareness

  • Utilize combination of video, image & links on organic posting

What We DON'T Offer....

                  Email Marketing

                  Web Design

                  Content Creation

                  PR Service

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